Veronique Leroy Presents Her SS24 Collection

Veronique Leroy unveils her latest collection in her Parisian atelier. I am greeted by a very peculiarly coiffed poodle- its coat is matted only half way and looks as if it were wearing a skirt. A black cat sleeps on a velvet sofa, and a miniature version of the larger poodle darts out to say hello. 

Leroy combines classic and feminine with summery urban flair  in fabrics and knits that have been designed, chosen, and handled with massive attention to detail and wearability. It is a poetic interpretation of Parisian chic- more fresh, modern, and playful, but still impenetrably polished. Her use of bright color and splashes of velvet even invite a little artsy glam to the party. It is a collection fit for the girl ready to take on all the city has to offer without going home to change- she might even hop on a train and head to the beach! Add a layer, take one off, throw on some fun earrings, emergency sneakers on hand in a purse as big as her personality! 


Take a look at her collection here- 



Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.