Malick Sidibe Mali Twist at Fondation Cartier from October 20 – February 25th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I went to the preview of Malick Sidibe’s exhibition. I’ve been a huge fan of his work for decades. I used to have one of his most famous photographs on my wall for years with two teen agers dancing. I’ve always loved the way he captures ‘cool’. If I can give you a little advice it would be to go downstairs first and watch the really moving documentary on Sidibe it will make you appreciate the work that much more. I love documentaries but sometimes they can be really boring, this one definitely is not. It is full of emotion and insight into Sidibe’s work and his subjects and just what a wonderful and generous man he was. At the age of 72 he received the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award in Venice at the Biennale. Beautiful man and super cool photos. Don’t miss it.



26l, Boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris

Diane Pernet

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