Lights by Yoann Lemoine – Jury Prize at ASVOFF 3, 2010 come visit ASVOFF Web TV

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Come visit ASVOFF Web TV We like to call it the netflix for fashion and art films. Today we are featuring an early film of Yoann Lemoine that won the Jury prize unanimously at ASVOFF 3 in 2010. I’m also proud to say that it was Yoann Lemoine that created the ASVOFF logo. Also proud to say WOODKID gave his first concert with ASVOFF and the rest is history. This is a very fly on the wall video by yours truly….rough style.





Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.