Dilara Findikoglu Taps Mariacarla Boscono for Her AW23 Campaign by Bethany Berkeley



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Turkish designer, Dilara Findikoglu taps model Mariacarla Boscono in her latest campaign. Focusing on her AW23 collection, the designs adequately embody the emotion felt by the audience during her London Fashion Week show last year.

Emerging as the heroine in this campaign, Boscono is portrayed as a powerful woman, overcoming challenges and rising to be victorious. “Mariacarla feels like a modern goddess to me, I feel like with her energy and vision she gives life to the clothes she wears.” Dilara says. As she designs her clothes to fit characters rather than trends, Findikoglu’s collections often resonate on a deeper level with their wearers, making Boscono the perfect choice for this campaign. A veteran of the fashion industry, she is known for her strong features and captivating presence, bringing the power and emotion of Findikoglu’s collection to life.

Findikoglu drew inspiration from Joan of Arc for the AW23 collection and campaign. She aimed to capture the spirit of rebellion and the fight to reclaim one’s body, a theme that coupled with the protests in Iran last year profoundly inspired the designer. “The collection was all about women possessing their bodies back from men. The closing look was called ‘Joan’s Knives’ and I was imagining her to come to take revenge with her knives, so we wanted the campaign to be about her.” She lets us know that she’s trying to send one powerful message with her new campaign that “Women should rule the world.” Also describing the collection as “brave, sensual, scared” all of which perfectly express the state of woman triumphant.

The campaign, which officially launched today at the AMFAR 2024 charity gala in Cannes, saw Boscono don a striking look from the collection. A black strapless gown covered in feathers which she paired with silicone gloves. When asked how she felt about her debut, Findikoglu answered “I loved that Mariacarla rose from the gates of hell directly to red carpet.” A truly iconic statement which coincidentally – or not – matches the theme of her campaign.



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