Prince of Denmark, Henrik Vibskov – Long Fingers to My Toes A/W 2023 Studio collection photos by Sebastian Thorsted

For the AW23 studio collection Henrik Vibskov created a tribute to the tomato; flourishing fruit of the night, exploding in the colours of the sun.

Initially inspired by the tomato fights of Valencia in Spain, the collection soon began to be shaped by all aspects of its history and life; an exploration of the tomato as a whole, inside and out.

Taken from the Americas as the fruit of the gods and carried across the oceans by the Spaniards – to be distributed onto nearly every continent – the tomato found itself in the garden of the De Medici; not to be eaten but to be grown and cherished among flowers and as decorative elements within table arrangements; loved for their beauty, for their variety in shape and colour.

Just like the De Medici once did, this collection observes the many aspects that make up the tomato – its cultural heritage, its past and present. An homage to the golden apple and to the hands that plant and harvest, that feed people and cultures.

Workwear and Chef attire as well as the clear simplistic shapes of storage solutions such as cans and boxes served as inspiration for the silhouettes; Encasing the tomato, giving it room to grow in and on, to expand. The prints reflect the love for the beauty of the fruit and its plant, the variety of colours that come together with the famous bright red. Lime green, orange, sand tones and deep gold are paired with the dark blues and greens found in the shade of tomato orchards. The artworks reference the shape of tomatoes in bold yet delicate ways, following their natural organic contours while abstracting them simultaneously.

All fabric has been changed and elevated within their means to sustainable, for AW23 Studio 72% of all our garments are certified and sustainable, we still strive to reach 100% sustainable garments.

The fabric used are organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled PET bottles for padding in outerwear, Tencel made from cellulose fibers, European linen and virgin wool.

Certifications includes GOTS Organic, GOTS Made with Organic, GRS Global Recycled Standard and nontoxic dyes and prints.

For the presentation of the AW23 studio collection, Henrik Vibskov takes the viewer on a journey through a forest of mechanical trees; raising and lowering like breathing creatures through the care of long fingered harvesters. The gaze follows this movement from the ever-changing shadow patterns on the forest floor to the trees’ branches shooting into the sky, sprouting into a sea of deep red and pink leaves, where the crops hang ripe and heavy, ready to be picked.


Thank You

HV Design Team – HV, Judith Klingenfeld, Zuzana Radicova,

Andreas Hermann Bloch, Baptiste Comte

Management, Logistics, Accounting –

Anja Gordon, Elvira von Wieding, Lin Zheng

Development Manager & Production Manager   – Anna De la Cour & Erika Nylund

Hair & Make up – Amalie Holmqvist, Icon Hairspa, Kevin Murphy Denmark &  Feride Uslu AIR BEAUTY

HV Installation Team – Baptiste Comte

Sales Team – VALD Agency, HV Nordic Sales, DUNE Japan

The SVIPSIES – Lila, Mischka, Didi, Stein, Camilla, Torstein

Press Team – SPALT PR Denmark

Look book and backstage photos – Sebastian Thorsted

HV Boutiques – Dorthe and other sweethearts in Copenhagen

Moto and the Store Svipsies in NYC

Thanks to the models, performers and dressers!

Thank you to all our suppliers and manufacturers and the ones we forgot!


Diane Pernet

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