A voyage into the pre-war period in the 1930s and today’s Erdem Men’s Collection for Fall Winter 2022

Photography: Sarah Piantadosi

Grooming: Takuya Uchiyama

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Two 20th century female photographers: Madame d’Ora and Madame Yevonde form the impulse behind Erdem’s collection. Madame d’Ora was Dora Kallmus, a Viennese, self-taught portrait photographer, who counted Picasso and Josephine Baker as subjects and friends. Madame Yevonde was Yevonde Middleton, a London-based portraitist and still-life photographer who pioneered the use of colour in photography.

In some instances the collection shows a direct reference to pieces in d’Ora’s portraits: wide, peaked lapel suits and boucle overcoats, shirts with polka dot motifs and oversized stripes. Yevonde’s influence comes in the saturated block colours, murky yellows and mustards, vivid peacock blue and neon russets and browns with a monochrome geranium leaf motif.

Looks go from an olive leather bomber jacket to a floral printed pajama suit, comfortable, practical and special.



Diane Pernet

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