Armand Hadida tells about L’ECLAIREUR NEUF-TROIS X HABITAT1964 by Sophie Trem


Dear Diane, dear Shaded viewers,

L'Eclaireur, is about, one more time to surprise us.
Because it's in their DNA, Martine & Armand Hadida both need to cross the line and to work without a net.
7th store after The Royal Monceau project is going where would least
expect it : in the middle of the St Ouen flea market, beyond Paris
border,  well known for its antiques.
Between industrial and countryside atmosphere, L'Eclaireur is somehow going back to where it first started , which gives a real vintage touch.

you will find all the L'Eclaireur fashion archives from the 80's to
2000, and a special selection of furniture designers, starting with 
Vincenzo de Cotiis, designer of Haute collection,and  the Straf Hotel in
L'Eclaireur is joining the furniture chain store Habitat new vintage concept : Habitat 1964.

The doors will open on June 8th during week ends and holidays.




Here is a short interview of the modern alchimist, Armand Hadida:

What made you jump from The Royal Monceau to the middle of the St Ouen Flea Market?
It's actually a story – a short one -a fortunate meeting between two owners, two men.
2 months ago they contacted me and presented me the project: when we came to visit,  it was totally destroyed, i felt it was
the kind of challenge i would  take , because i love places that are in
transition, and the Fleas have a strong heritage that talks to me, i'm
an antique of the future!

What's the direction you are taking here?
I would like to use all the new tools that exist in order to go on with my original job which is fashion.
It's a real chance to present new unknown artists and designers, especially when there is so much space.
Every three months there will be a new selection, a new designer shown exclusively here.
This place is kind of magic : from one side of the glass doors you see the past with all the
contemporary fashion archive, and on the other side appears the future – the newest collections on digital format- through the one way
triptych mirror!

What do you expect for this new L'Eclaireur?
This is a total new reading, an overview, i hope, of what could be tomorow new kind of stores
I want this place to be a gathering place, an hybrid between digital and reality.

What's your message to the public?
I would like to invite all the curious and interested to walk until here, i want to show them something different!

You are one of the first resident of this new vintage village, what kind of neighbours would you like to have?
Anyone who is volontary and able to do something else.




Thank you Armand for your time, and Martine for the photo 🙂


Photos credit : Petra Kallsback

Take care,