Marco de Rivera and I make a visit to the HOTEL MÔM’ART in Monmartre photos by Marco de Rivera

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This family owned hotel in Monmartre has a very interesting history. In its past, in the early 70’s before it changed its name from Hôtel Béarnais to Hotel Mom’Art, it was a place where artists and people just out of prison would stay. When the owner of the Sellam family owned hotel died  his children took over the running of the hotel. The first thing they did was to close the hotel for two and a half years and they commissioned the architect Jacques Mechali to make the renovations. Mechali worked on other prestigious buildings such as the Trianon Palace, the Vignon and the Hotel Lotti or the Royal Malesherbes.

Hotel Mom’Art has 24 rooms and one suite, each room has a different decoration and is an homage to an artist, or a designer or to Paris. The hotel is located a few steps from the Sacré Coeur Basilica. It has a bar, a terrace with an interior paved courtyard which is open in the summer and winter. Additionally there is a fitness area and a restaurant.

Hotel Mom’Art



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