Tim Yip talks about growing up -his first job in cinema with John Woo on A Better Tomorrow

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This weekend I had a chance to sit down with the multi-talented Tim Yip about his growing up in Hong Kong physically but mentally in the universe.  While still in school he had his first job in the cinema working with the director John Woo on his film  'A Better Tomorrow'.  He went on to be the first Chinese to win the Oscar at the Academy Awards both for the sets and the costumes in Ang Lee's film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. If you want to see some of the production sketches and final pieces you can visit Tim Yip's pages on takeit.to  https://www.takeit.to/project/costume_design_sketches_crouching_tigger_hidden_dragon.

If you have the time please listen to these video bytes and learn more about this immense talent.




Diane Pernet

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