At the Parisian Courtyard Cocktail organized by La Caserne and The Woolmark Company – text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda

This week, as Parisian life goes back to normal after more than one year of lock downs and sanitary measures,  The Woolmark Company and La Caserne hosted a cocktail at the latest’s courtyard. The event was a celebration of sustainable fashion, as it’s the main objective of La Caserne to promote and support Parisian creators who put into practice ideas that innovate in fashion’s effort to become environmentally positive. When La Caserne first launched, two years ago, they did a presentation to introduce their mission to Parisians, mostly from the 10th district, -Where it is located-. It seemed like it would be one of those D-class fashion projects that never really make it to be influential, but they have very smartly connected themselves to strong fashion profiles, like The Woolmark Company and  Lucien Pages, who were in charge of the PR for the event.

Additionally to the social gathering, there was a small pop-up exhibition about Thebe Magugu and Casablanca, the winners of the Woolmark Prize last year. The exposition was humble in size and execution, but very tasteful and well accomplished; the little prop details decorating the scene and the mannequins were quite inspiring.

Every fashion person from Paris came to the event, at least shorter. Catherine Roitefeld was there, young and established designers came to make a little round at the cocktail. The unforgiving crowd in front of the different catering tables was nevertheless quaint and made you sigh of hope, dressing up is cool again, menswear and couture Paris Fashion Week is coming to physical shows, and the world is healing.

Ivo Barraza Castaneda

Hello, my name is Ivo. My three favorite things in life are: Thinking deeply about visual creation. I like having long discussions of ideas that might reinvent the course of history. And finally, spending time with the people I love. Since I was a child, I was always involved in some activity around plastic arts, music and literature. That’s how I learned to sew by hand at the age of five, which later led me to focus on my main professional media: Fashion Design.