TER ET BANTINE RESORT 11/12 text and photos Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers, I feel quite honored having had an intimate viewing of the Ter et Bantine collection. This was the first resort collection created by  Manuela Arcari  defining  the elements of her style in the most sophisticated way. The approach is  concrete and  at the same time  cerebral and pure . The edges are softened, surfaces are played up,  each piece is neat and geometric , volumes and shapes  show their  poetry in the  graphic prints that are streaked with abstract exoticism, measured with dots in various sizes, abstract motifs and  stylized flowers.  The base is clean: dresses and shirts , with smocking and inserted flounces making one feel the abstract romanticism of the collection. 

Tetbantineresort 179
Tetbantineresort 182
  Tetbantineresort 229
Tetbantineresort 195
Tetbantineresort 212

  Tetbantineresort 220
Tetbantineresort 191

Tetbantineresort 221
the dog seems a painting but is true!

Tetbantineresort 203
Tetbantineresort 222
Tetbantineresort 206
Anil Durutan

Tetbantineresort 216
Tetbantineresort 225
Tetbantineresort 236