Day2 Paris con’t

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On my way to my first appointment, I ran into my good friends Julien Bertic and David Gil .As I entered the Louvre I ran into the beautiful and super sweet model of the season, Lekelina on her way to the Viktor & Rolf show. I was not invited but don’t worry, my photographer was.
Julien Bertic, Villa Moda and David Gil, L’Oreal Lekelina
Then we were off to Cosmic Wonder
Mr. Cosmic Wonder and one of the floral series
Personally I always prefer the installations at Cosmic Wonder to the catwalk shows. My favorite was the floral series and the deconstructed white dresses.
As I was crossing the street I ran into Miguel Villalobos and Graham Taber. How could I not smile seeing those two beautiful in love faces.
Miguel Villalobos, photographer and illustrator and Graham Taber of Fly and Helmut Lang
Next stop was a showroom visit to Requiem.
I got a call from Angelo Flaccavento, my man in Milan and the plan was to meet at Gaspard Yurkievich. I am sure that those of you that have been loving his critics want to know what he looks like.
Angelo Flaccavento and Angelo and Jason of J C Reports
Yoshiko teams up with Y’s and Araki. She is even starting to look like an Araki model. Looking forward to seeing her collection of accessories in a few days.
Gaspard Yurkievich
The runway was covered in gold at Gaspard’s show and there were no lap dancers in site.
I’m waiting for photos from Sonny on Undercover and from Julien on Junya and Viktor and Rolf. Come back later for that.
Joyce Ma and Didier Grumbach at Undercover
I told you yesterday that Undercover took a drastic turn in his career , it was beautiful and strong, nostalgic and modern, okay, even sweet. Seasons trends of transparent and pleated, glitter, colour were all here. He used decoration and sparkle in his own unique way. I know that some people did not know how to take it, personally, I say bravo. I did not even bother to take images since Sonny was there.

A F Vandevorst
A F Vandervorst went back to their roots and presented one of their strongest collection in the past 6 seasons. I liked the mix of politics and religion in super wearable looks. Nurse meets nun somewhere in the middle east.

P.S. RObb Young, we are waiting for you. Here is a smile from Elisa Nalin just for you

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