VAN HALEN’s no. 2: Bet Dimes, Bad Times, Bedtime

‘The collection “Bet Dimes, Bad Times, Bedtime” is a glimpse into “my” familiar; a sombre grey Maasbommel winter’s day where sudden bright patterns and colours herald the coming of the Northern Carnival celebrations [also named Vastenavond, the festive period before lent]. My subtle messaging: “YOU ARE A FOOL – DEAL WITH IT!”

For this collection, I styled myself with wicker baskets, brooms, and other objects made by my father. I come from a family of basked weavers, Maasbommel is a village of basketry – during the carnival celebrations we hoist a wicker basket to commence the celebrations. The collection is a continuation of the rural vs. urban paradox; new shapes based on old ideas and old ideas changed by new insights…

The homophone name “Bet Dimes, Bad Times, Bedtime” encapsulates the concerns that have haunted me starting my own brand. Bet Dimes highlights the financial strain, Bad Times the insecurity and worries, Bedtime my way of relativizing these concerns. Very little cannot be solved by a good nigh of sleep…’

– Leroy van Halen


VAN HALEN@leroy_van_halen

Photos © Bert van Halen


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