The All Season Fashion Paper and Romy Smits White Heart Collection

I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the Unique issue. I had fun writing about people and their relationship with their hair. Unique people of course.

photos copyright Wanda Tuerlinckx
A few quotes from Maison Romy Smits,
white heart

step into the world of light and discover the 4th Dimension

Pieces of this collection are valued not because of appearences alone, but because it contains a power called white heart which signifies the amount of love and labour that you can put into creations. This power has been transformed to clothes, accesories and objects by the use of a personal artistic vocabulary of symbols, design motives, colours and technique. All designs are unique hand painted pieces.

Wednesday 9th until Saturday 12th November the collection will be on display at Maison Romy Smits from 11am until 8pm.

Diane Pernet

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