Exploring The Consummation of Yin and Yang: Sean Suen at Paris Men’s Fashion Week SS24


     This season Sean Suen’s skimpy yet classically tailored menswear and subdued street-style silhouettes are mostly mono-chromatic in black or white with intermediary splashes of khaki and beige. Exploring themes of rebirth, this collection represents his attempt to unite the yin and yang. He brings together classic and modern, black and white, modest and sexy, and with dark nodes to kink, the consummation of this marriage gets a bit literal. 

Almost each of Suen’s looks include a dangling bell element which announces the models presence, and when they walk in unison it creates a percussive symphony of jingles and chimes. Like a pet coming to greet you. Literal catwalk. Some of the models have smokey eye makeup applied in the shape of a Venetian mask à la Eyes Wide Shut. Others are adorned with intricate casted silver earrings, belt clasps, and brooches which resemble the ornate hilt of a sword. Tuxedo jackets and tank-tops in champagne satin are paired with tight, tiny hot pants and buttocks bearing apron mini-skirts. Cropped capes, cinched jackets and neutral toned windbreakers are layered over crisp white tops, baggy leather pants, and more short-shorts paired with knee high socks or thigh high leather boots. The bell buttons of his double breasted blazers look like pierced flesh.

All together it has an effect which is very black-tie BDSM in the middle ages- which is not to say the looks are dated. Au contraire, they are brilliantly modern!

Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.