Sacai fall winter 2018


Dear Shaded Viewers,

let’s talk about Sacai last show, a hymn to the hybrid, a new challenge on high-end streetwear and the art of constructionism. I saw a collection that was not an array of different layers, how most of the collections are, much more than showcasing clothes we see styling and looks to replicate. The whole show staged a collection with the powerful ability to make one outfit out of parts of many different ones, a half-and-half effect, also playful with un-matched shoes: same style but different prints or details. Layers that embrace the body and that can be separated for endless combinations, all tied together with a skate-inspired shoelace belt. School blazer stripes interlock with a down jacket, men’s tailoring sleeves, a quilted liner, a military flight jacket details, an oversize fake fur that cuts a coat in 2. A tennis sweater, that started life as part of a school uniform, is overlaid with the ruffles and pleats of a chiffon blouse. Tartan skirts that flow with irregular different lengths, An aran sweater surprises with couture-like volume at the back. Hand-knit sweater pieces are interlinked with chiffon, Peruvian-like prints becomes giant vests, blouses, extra long knitted cardi-dress or joggers with a coulisse that shapes the hips. Eyes were captured by the over-knee boots with geometric prints and special record bag that is the result from a collaboration with Shibuya’s legendary vinyl store, Manhattan Records. A graphic, energetic collection that can make one dream and leaves the instant desire to be worn, because it looks feminine, forward, comfy and edgy at the same time. A must-have.






Giorgia Cantarini

Fashion has always been her true calling since she started working as fashion editor and stylist with publications of the likes of Made05, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour,, i-d,,, La Repubblica and Hunger, always cultivating a side interest in artistic perfumery and everything curious, from travels to music, from food to digital. She is also contributor for VOGUE ITALIA for the talents section and Esquire Italy. Her passion lies in discovering new fashion trends, emerging designers and interviewing interesting people all over the world. She also has started to work as stylist for shows and presentations, among the brands Giorgia works with you can find: Situationist, Ssheena, Ellassay, Birkenstock. Diane Pernet is her mentor and one of the most important people in Giorgia’s life.