Environmental Endeavors at Balenciaga sows the EPHEA™ Coat | Words by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Balenciaga is aiming to find a way to effectively support lessening the company’s environmental impact and influencing others to do the same. The result of this endeavor is: EPHEA™—a coat made from material derived from the vegetative body of a mushroom. This moment marked the first time that such a substance has been applied to fashion, and the first time one has achieved high-level features, in terms of volume, thickness, and overall homogeneity. It was introduced during the Balenciaga Winter ’22 360° show as a Maxi Hooded Wrap Coat. The coat feels and visibly resembles a hide-based material, finished with a non-toxic treatment. It will be available end of October in select Balenciaga stores.

EPHEA™ is made with pure mycelium—is cultivated on a pure, as opposed to hybrid, basis, therefore eliminating the use of contaminating chemicals in the growing process. Balenciaga acknowledges the role that fashion plays in depleting and reshaping our natural surroundings and believes that brands are now tasked with finding ways to keep the planet livable. We look forward to seeing what else the brand creates in this new journey.




Nafiseh Soolari

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