Samuel François – Adorn Yourself with a Surrealism, the Talismanic Kind | Words by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Its Dalí meets Italian baroque, nature so revered cast in bronze to be savored for an eternity.

François once said, “Inspiration is the spice of my life,” and you feel the aesthetic charm of art history, in particular, the flavor that surrealism has so deliciously melded into the pieces created by the designer—

Our brains are wired to detect and recognize human faces and François executes the idea with panache 

Its the hypnotic eye that draws you in, different color schemes but the striking effect is still the same,

It catches your eyes as a charm from a meticulous chained bracelet, with other dangling charms of flora and fauna,

On a necklace plate, and earrings with arrows and symbolic teardrops and electric rings

Then there are the lips, embossed on various plates, also in a range of colors and contrasts and hanging charms

Like surrealism, it unconsciously makes you wonder, the distortions in the accompany asymmetry further appealing to your sense, the animals and floral incorporations are the final touch to the talismanic nostalgia 

Samuel masterfully guides the eye through his visual emphasis, composition of movement along an axis;

Where the gold flows the eyes follows, the set design by Loic Masi provides a balanced juxtaposition— his pieces showcased against taper candle sticks of varying color, Greek wax busts and vibrant African masks and head sculptures adds fire to the otherworldly dimensions of surrealism he means to inspire you with through his creations. 

Thank you for having me on a warm summer afternoon, the visual spices were a welcome inspiration for my senses.




Nafiseh Soolari

Nafiseh Soolari is a creative consultant, writer and photographer— "I love translating the beauty I see in all the moments around me, people, places, things; and I aspire to share my vision: to create a single moment for me and you to connect and realize what this amazing world has to offer..."