An Exploding World – Rankin’s latest coffee-table book – the aesthetic of destruction and his continued fascination with death and beauty

All images ©Rankin 2022

Dear Shaded Viewers,

For Rankin’s companion series to Embrace (Rankin Publishing, 2021) the photographer, filmmaker and publisher explores the aesthetic of destruction through apocalyptic imagery reminiscent of nuclear explosions or comets.

“Two beautiful pieces of work have been borne out of the pandemic. Rankin’s alliance with the specialist papermaker Fedrigoni has been a true demonstration of the creative ecosystem working in harmony to create personal and powerful art.”
The book is designed by long-time collaborator, SEA, and is an intensely personal project, one that Rankin says is immeasurably entangled with his own mental health. Due to the lockdown this was the first time in Rankin’s 30 year career that he was closed from his studio and his normal face-to-face interaction, he turned his attention to nature.
“For years now I’ve been obsessed with the perfection of a dandelion seed head. Seen as weeds, they grow absolutely everywhere, especially in the city. And during a time of great stress, there was comfort in them.” said Rankin.
“When the fire burns through the forest, the old growth burns away to allow space for the new forest to emerge. Through burning these dandelions I was clearing space mentally. Finding a new outlet for my creativity.” said Rankin.
The themes of death and beauty have fascinated Rankin throughout his career.
An Exploding World by Rankin in partnership with specialist papermaker Fedrigoni and
creative agency and SEA launches on July 4th 2022 and can be purchased
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