Lisa Preissle presents Body Hugger XX21 in Zürich photos Sven Gex


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Body Hugger XX21 is a mini series collection realized with the support of Pro Helvetia.

“Driven by the interest in the symbiosis between garment and body I developed a second skin-like material combining liquid latex with gauze to create tops.

The fragments hugging the body give the impression of a worn out item that‘s falling apart holding together by only a few threads. Due to the nature of the materials the tops are indeed quite strong and give strength to the wearer and can be adjusted to different sizes.

I call them body huggers as an homage to H.R. Giger‘s face huggers.”

The project is based on the research and development of a technique Lisa Preissle developed within her graduate collection by pouring liquid latex onto her body to get a skin-like structure. Initially she poured all the tops on her own body. The goal was to find a solution to make it reproducible while still every piece is a one of a kind and different to the next. By creating moulds, she replaced her body in the process and was able to recreate them.

About Lisa Preissle

Lisa Preissle graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in 2019 with a BA in fashion.

For her graduate collection entitled „No Fun“ she got rewarded with the annual „doing fashion Fund“, an award which rewards an exceptional design achievement sponsored by the Albert Kriemler Fund.

Since graduating she’s been working in the industry for different brands before launching her brand independently. Her creations are inspired by the symbiosis between body and garment. With her flesh flashing designs she seeks to embrace sexuality and sensuality.




The collection will soon be available exclusively on the eshop:

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