MACHETE13 HTL – The Universe by John James aka Honour Thy Lovers

Dear Shaded Viewers,

John James has put together a collection of meditations, emotions, oral chants that take us through a Death/Rebirth experience lived by women that through their lives showed her that there is a place for all of us in this universe . “To walk the edge of death is to also be on the brink of transformation-whether that be metamorphosis through states of matter, ego, or belief in oneself in order to (re)birth through the spirit or to welcome passage to higher levels of understanding, existence and dimensionality. In this way, these ruminations are the lens through which a period of struggle is the drawing portal to a new beginning.” JJ HTL.

Along with the texts and deeply moving images are audio recordings that identify John James and her roots and a meditation that offers her prayer and heart beat to channel healing energy to the readers.

Diane Pernet

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