Leave it to the keen eye of Taqueji Hirakawa to find my little cameo in the Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski

DP in Roman Polanski's Ninth Gate
DP in Roman Polanski’s Ninth Gate

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Dear Shaded Viewers,

This really made me smile. My friend Taki just sent me these two images from Ninth Gate,  the first time I met Roman Polanski. I was a mere shadow in this film. Just arrived in a car and had my ‘husband’ quite an unfortunate choice I might add, and a valet and me. Still cannot believe he even noticed me in this. I just walked from the car to the villa. We tried so many cars as each time there was another problem with the lights, the door, always something. I was thrilled to meet one of my cinema heros, since then we’ve met, in passing, at les deux abeilles, my neighborhood canteen.



Diane Pernet

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