The Sirens of Titan Band and Sweet Surrender text by Geraldine Postel

From another world’s cabaret dancer on a boat anchored in desert land, to a shamanic ritual in the wilderness of the woods …  The film directed by Bonnie Foster, is making us travel between worlds with a strong feeling of country blues mixed with psychedelic resonances.

Sweet Surrender by Sirens of Titan is the second single from Apocalypse Sessions, out now on Smile Records. The Sirens of Titan are the musical incarnation of author, editor and poet John-Paul Pryor, whose debut novel Spectacles was praised by Dazed & Confused magazine as “A dreamlike vision of a lawless dystopian future”, drawing comparison to works of other underground outsiders, such as Jean Genet.”

Lyrically, Apocalypse Sessions contains the hallmarks of melancholia, desire and transgression that underpins all John-Paul’s work, inviting the listener into a raw, flawed and poetic dreamtime. The entire album was recorded in live session with the producer Andy Strange and John-Paul’s long-time musical partners Jez Leather and Sami Salo, know collectively as The Sirens of Titan.

John Paul Pryor on Sweet Surrender:

“Sweet Surrender turned out to be a very americana-inspired song. It’s the first song I wrote for Apocalypse Sessions and it’s about sadness and abuse really–that quite common thing of not feeling too comfortable in your own skin. 

“The film idea came about because one very late night in LA I asked my friend the dancer Jade-Lorna Sullivan if she might be up for being a boy on film, someone who wants to be a woman–it went from there really. I think Jade-Lorna has a wonderful presence on-screen, and she has a really great energy in reality also.
The final video for the song is all down to its director Bonnie Foster, who turned our pretty basic idea into her kind of quite grand Boys Don’t Cry-inspired desert vision. I’m still not entirely sure how she found the boat out there among the cacti–it makes for quite a surreal spectacle.”
What they are saying about The Sirens of Titan:
 “Step inside a Lychchian underworld that takes its cues from Bill Callahan’s alt-country-tinged Smog project and indie-folk icon Elliot Smith” – Dazed

“You could call the country-inflected sound of The Sirens of Titan a retro-fetishist otherworldly existential blues for the 21st century” – NOWNESS

“The band take their name from the classic Kurt Vonnegut novel about time travel and their musical inspiration from Let It Bleed-era Stones–a dark, understated acoustic-led offering with classical depth and scope” – Flaunt Magazine

“If you can do something with the strange expressionistic, drug-shattered solo works of Syd Barrett after his removal from Pink Floyd, you will also well receive The Sirens of Titan” – MusikReview

“A melancholic, mostly quiet retro record, which seems noticeably influenced by Neil Young and Bob Dylan… The soulful excursions, for example in ‘Burn It Down’ testify to passion and intensity in songwriting as well as in performance… Even a Pink Floyd-psychedelica is noticeable here” – Power Met

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