The Dali Lamas Pajamas by Kevin Power Photos by Tatchatrin Choeychom

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Dali Lamas Pajamas, at its inception was an art project making clothing for meditation, shamanic purposes and inward journeys into the great beyond. The project has exited now for three years. “Dali is of course the artist who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary and I think it’s a beautiful way of looking at life and one has to be very present to be able to do this. That’s why I fused him as a namesake with the Buddha. Dali Lama and Pajamas is a reference to a “state of mind”. said Kevin Power.

All of the pieces are handmade and come with a handwritten blessing:

“May you walk in comfort

knowing you are protected,

and may you rest in Peace

knowing we are all one.”

this “blessing” is written out and placed in the seam pocket .

Each of the Dali Lamas is unique but also endless copies and variations of the copies. Power says that what inspired him was a piece by Bernhard Willhelm in 2006. “it has held my fascination and still does, working it obsessively, this two piece pattern playing, changing, and reacting on it as an endless form of play.  It has come into a life of its own now and Bernhard is an ancestor.”said Power. I like that Bernhard is an ancestor, I wonder if he knows that.

‘Bless your contradictions: May they be fierce.’

That is my message and this is what I am putting out there.” said Power.




Diane Pernet

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