At a glance: GmbH taps into the fashion livewire by using deadstock

GmbH – the German form for a limited company – is a new Berlin-based name that cropped up during this last menswear session and that perked interest by its sourcing approach. Not only do they cut the kind of wardrobe that is in the now, tapping the de-rigeur vests and leather jackets, oversized clubber pants and unisex hype, but they are also turning towards fabrics that already exist. That deadstock, stemming from the collective’s initial inability to purchase in-season material, was languishing in the warehouses of their high-end Italian suppliers.

From repurposed Helly Hansen puffer coats to the cut of a traditional kurta embroidered with Randomly Chosen in gold thread, these new essentials ran the gamut of worldly and global, as seen through a lens of a generation that has grown up with the beauty of an open world and the ugliness of things that go bump on social media.

Perhaps nothing entirely new visually but definitely a thread that needs to be picked up.

Photography: Courtesy of PR

Cover image: Lily Templeton

Lily Templeton

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