Guardia de la Noche is a composition by the gifted French composer and singer Yann Destal.  It is a new single of his upcoming album.

The video directed by Ada Yu in collaboration with Theodore Bouret is a ravishment of images of light, water and gold that illuminates the shaded chorus of the Guardia de La Noche.

Sung in both Spanish and Italian, Guardia de La Noche is a fictional character, narrating a universe where at night, one can open the door to a precious freedom, "the time when, for a moment, life forgives you ».  

When Yann Destal crosses the universe of the multidisciplinary artist Ada Yu, before our eyes this invitation takes shape. The disturbing and fascinating Gardian of the Night invites us to enter another world, where one is denuded body and soul. "When I discovered the project, says Theodore Bouret (producer and co-director with Ada), I immediately thought of the most magical images of films, those in the tradition of Méliès, Gondry, Clouzot… The artist is naked in an imaginary setting. “I only had to shoot like a witness who attends a show solely prepared for improvisation”. It resulted in dark images, trembling and sensual… From the music of Yann Destal, the video came in an organic flow as he explains: "Ada asked me if I had a song that I wished to make a video for as she and Theo started to shoot. By coincidence, I was polishing up a song about the intimacy of the night, this precious moment of freedom.

While discovering the images, I had the feeling something more than a mere coincidence had happened. And it turned out to be this." The concert, programmed by Lars Krueger, was attended by a chearful crowd at Les Bains, where we were all elated to hear the talented singer and composer one more time.

Enjoy the song and the vidéo!