The Laws of Chaos & the end of illusion- by Zak Kaghado at MSK Eastside Gallery in Moscow.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

MSK Eastside gallery in Moscow is exhibition the work of New York artist  Zak Kaghado called "The Laws of Chaos & the end of illusion ". The exhibition depicts his vision on the current global situation. On view are installations created from  objects of authority introducing a historical bridge with the ancient and modern. The works of ZAK are both powerfully political with apocalyptic atmosphere yet  non-confrontational, his art explores the power and the authority of governing societies, and the absurdism of the status quo in the context of our ‘New Society’. Global police and governing brutality . 



Wildrik Batjes

MSK Eastside Gallery / Leontyevskiy Pereulok 5 / Moscow

Diane Pernet

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