Victoria/Tomas ss16

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers, 

Simple ideas can often be the strongest. Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins are based between the French Alps and Paris, and with this, their ss16 collection begins. Banker’s stripe shirting and the half-skirt, half utility belt offer ideas of constructed urbanism, whilst the old French buttons and textured leather (something they’ve been doing since the beginning) allude to a more natural origin. Strategically placed bows on trousers, and sweet suede ruffles on black leather pieces gave a soft-hardness, or a hardened-softness; depending on which way you see life in Paris for a woman. And smooth suede high-neck collars, along with a beautiful shirt cut with large gathering on the hips that dipped down in the back into a fencing-style silhouette, both modestly said ‘I’m sweet but don’t mess with me’ – something I like to think I can relate to.

Victoria/Tomas presented their collection at the 7th edition of DESIGNERS APARTMENT: a showroom organized by the F

Sophie Joy Wright