fob – modern Parisian watchmaking by three close friends

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The original idea behind the new 'heritage' brand, fob, is to take the classic pocket watch forward  and to make it more relevant to a generation that is more used to checking the time on their mobile phones than wearing watches or carrying time pieces. The founding members,  Sari, Laurent and Aurelien, met while studying engineering in school. In 2011 they decided to launch their brand, fob, to express an alternative way of moving French watchmaking forward. "The brand is envisioned in an enigmatic universe, where elegance meets symmetry, where lines have no limits and where the essence of modernity reveals the allegorical dimension of the mechanism." said fob

Rehab is the name for their first collection of watches and no, it really was not  inspired by Amy Winehouse. Fob's idea was to 'rehabilitate' the old school pocket watch.  The three are addicted to a darkly elegant universe where people appreciate the value of craftsmanship and the pleasure of wearing a time piece.

Although the DNA of the brand is the signature pocket watch, they have enlarged their range to include wrist watches, pendants, cuffs and  jewels. This season they did a collaboration on a few pieces with accessory designer, Erik Halley.



Diane Pernet

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