Taller Flora Mexico – photos taken in the Casa Barragan in Mexico City

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Taller Flora was founded by Carla Fernandez after a lifetime of researching the traditional textiles and garment construction of her native Mexico. Taller Flora is in the heart of Mexico City and brings together craftsmen and women from all over Mexico aiming to sustain the unique and rich variety of traditional textiles.

In 2008 Carla won the British Council's International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award recognition that her dreams were ready to become an international fashion force. In September 2008 Carla was joined by British designer Erin Lewis, the result is Taller Flora.

"I am having the best experience working in Mexico City , all the designers here are really great and everybody is really warm. I really believe in textiles and craft in fashion and creating something that sustains history yet is made into something new. In London I work with Dashing Tweeds-total dream fabric, and in Mexico I work literally with the workshop of Snr Hermillo as they thread up the looms and Snr Salvador who is in fact a cowboy who runs the tradition of suede embroideries and silver accessories. I love the religious cultues here I am loving the colourful goth mix of Catholic and pre-Hispanic." said Erin Lewis.

A/W 2009 Taller Flora -Charro Collection
"How pretty looks my brunette
Wrapped iin her rebozo
Hanging from its fringes
Are the hearts of a hundred charros.'


British and Mexican tailoring incorporate the traditional embroidery of the staple of Mexican masculinity, the intricate hand painted rebozo scarff and the unique woven hair of Chamula. Inspired by the Charros – or 'Mexican cowboys' and the Adelita girls of the Mexican revolutionthere is a tension between the historical strength of the textiles and their delicate intricacy.

Charro suede embroideries depict feathered warriors and shoot-outs incorporating traditional patterns, all of which are hand cut.

Traditionally the rebozo scarf is a practical textile. The intricate hand painted threads then woven pattern have been captured in strong tailored forms.





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