Napoleon et Paris: dreams of a capital – from tomorrow until 30 August at Musee Carnavalet

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It has been two  centuries since the end of the First Empire, but today the exhibition Napoleon et Paris: reves d'une capitale opens at the Musee Carnavalet. It explores the relationship between an exceptional man and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The exhibition shows how Napoleon transformed Paris as well as giving us a time line of his political career.

The new city is revealed in the grand monuments like the Place Vendome, the palais de la Bourse, the fountain at Chatlet, the Temple de la Gloire, the arcs de triomphe du Carrousel and l'Etoile. Many of his dreams never made it off the paper like the very popular elephant at place de la Bastille, the king's palace at Rome and the archives of the beaux-arts… 

Image credits:

1. Robert Lefevre (1755-1830) Portrait of Napoleon (1769-1821) it was an order by the city for the Hotel de Ville.  © Stephane Piera/Musee Carnavalet/Roger-Viollet 

2. Pierre-Joseph Sauvage, Portrait of Bonaparte (1769-1821)©/Musee Carnavalet/Roger-Viollet

3. A model for the arche du pont des Arts, 1800 ©Eric Emo/Musee Carnavalet/Roger-Viollet 

4. Charles Percier (1764-1838) and Pierre Francois Leonard Fontaine (1762-1853) ©/RMN-Grand Palais (musee du Louvre)/Jean-Gilles Berizzi

5. Martin-Guillaume Biennais (1764-1843) Napoleon 1er's necessities for battle. ©/Musee Carnavalet/Roger-Viollet

6. Garment worn by the general Bertrand, 1813. ©/Ph. Joffre and D. Lifermann/Galliera/Roger-Violle7. Jean-Antoine Alavoine Le Chevalier, project for the elephant fountain place de la Bastille (1809-1819) ©/Musee Carnavalet/Roger-Viollet 

7. Nicolas Antoine Lebel, the pont d'Austerlitz, manufactured in Sevres, 1808-1810. Fondation Napoleon. ©Patrice Maurin Berthier

8. Marie-Victoire Jaquotot, Napoleon 1er in costume de sacre. Painting on porcelain. Fondation Napoleon. ©Patrice Maurin Berthiererart

9. Francois Remond, Francois Damerart,Napoleon 1er, emperor of France ©/RMN-Grand Palais (musee du Louvre)/Stephane Marechalle



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