Q & A with Mike Figgis at Centre Pompidou 2010 for ASVOFF 3 and talking about fashion film and the making of the Vivienne Westwood Doc and Kate Moss in 4 Dreams of Miss X

Dear Shaded Viewers,

An ASVOFF highlight in 2010 at Centre Pompidou. Mike Figgis talks about filmmaking, fashion film, sound,  the internet, budgets, Hollywood, advertising, the making of the Vivienne Westwood doc, Met Steps, and the making of 4 Dreams of Miss X with Kate Moss…  We screened a series of his films and had a Q & A after…he is a master, what else can I say.

This is a very low-fi FLIP recording I did, Mike Figgis at ASVOFF 3, Centre Pompidou.

Next week I will announce some great news about ASVOFF's evening at FIAF in NYC but more on that later.



Diane Pernet

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