David Lynch “Small Stories”,January 15 -March 16th at la Maison Europ

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I went to preview the  new exhibition at MEP, Small Stories by David Lynch. I've always been a big fan of his films, not a great fan of his paintings and so I was not sure how I would feel  about his photographs. Truth is, I absolutely loved them. Each image tells a story, some are in a series but for the most part they are intimate moments that tell little stories that become big stories.The fixed images manage to pass a strong and, of course, rather strange, emotion. I have my particular favorites, like the rabbit on the bed, the guy that looks like a dickhead with the nude, the horse, the little man and the plane, the William Burroughs looking man with the sheep, the series of surrealistic heads…. I highly recommend a visit and you will have your own favorites.

David Lynch "I would say I am a human being and I enjoy catching ideas and translating them to one medium or another."


Diane Pernet

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