Pitti Uomo Guest Nation – Ukraine

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Ukraine was the guest nation at the 85th edition of Pitti Uomo, and they did not make a single faux pas as one might expect from a country not exactly associated with fashion. These young designers – all in their 20s and one only 18 – presented diverse collections that were quirky and interesting and without the hint of national costume, as some previous guest nations have done. It was refreshing to see the Ukrainians stay away from catering to the Western stereotypes. Here are some photos I snapped.

1. Omelya Atelier – this collection was enspired by 90s video games, primarily Tetris, as was evident in techy neoprene and square laser cutouts on leather.

2. Ksenia Schnaider – Schanider expressed her dissatisfaction with consumer society and the fast-revolving cycle of fashion that promotes it. Hence "Corruption." She aims to create quality, creative clothes that don't come with a sky-high price tag.


Julia Paskal is in her early twenties but her young line has already been picked up by Luisa via Roma in Florence. This collection was a deconstructed version of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. 

4. Yasya Minochkina – another beautiful collection here with an accent on quilting. 

5. Anna K – her quirky tees will be a sure commercial hit. There was one that said "I am not a fashion blogger." Something tells me some fashion bloggers will buy it.

 6. Anna October – last but not least, this was the most mature collection, possessing both technical virtuosity and knowledge of fabrics. Impressive.