Magic Hour – Artist Video Projects – MOCAtv DIRECTED BY TARA SUBKOFF




To coincide with the opening of the 2013 Urs Fischer exhibition at the

Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, MOCAtv presents a short film

about LA. Look out for the flyer for the Urs Fischer Gala at MOCA

prominently visible in the opening of the film.


Magic Hour is about isolation versus intimacy. Grey (Chloe Sevigny) is

married and living in a home that is bathed in beauty and warmth. But,

she is imprisoned by her own isolation. Los Angeles reinforces and

adds to her stagnation, but the inability to connect lives inside of

her. Her isolation is such that she can only open up to her husband

when they are separated by a telephone. The reveal of this short

vignette is that her husband has been right outside, on the other side

of the wall, the whole time and she knows it.


Synopsis by Tatiana Von Furstenburg


Director Tara Subkoff

Starring Chloe Sevigny, Alexander Yulish

Screenplay Tatiana Von Furstenburg, Tara Subkoff

Music Supervisor Serena Undercofler

Original Song "Madeleine" by Lissy Trullie 


Diane Pernet

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