Performance: Olivier Saillard and Violeta Sanchez Retournent Les Vestes (part 2)


 Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Performance…Retournent Les Vestes…part 2. This is what I love about Paris and why Paris will always be the center of fashion. Bravo, and you are the best.


Jacket number 2,

untitled composition. 

Too much creative, not enough designer, 

too many artists, not enough art. 

"Auteur" jacket, high, large, mounted, mens jacket, 

For the Woman educated at Saint Laurent between 1965 and 78

 Extra nudity, removable into a "seaman" Alaia Skirt,  lighthouse keeper's in rue de la Verrerie

 Jacket number 3,

Retracted Jacket, advice given by the designer in his shirt sleeves, 

 you won't lead through finance

You will live a peaceful economy,

You won't invade China,

 At Haider Ackerman, you will have to roll up your sleeves

 Jacket number 4,

 "in head to tail" piece, made of a pearl grey flannel

To reverse the Paranoia and the obsessional trend which consists of appointing  live designers at the head of deceased founder's houses. We appoint dead designers at the head of live founder's houses. Thus, we inform you of the appointment of Mr Charles James at the head of the House Claude Montana. We call Mr Alexander McQueen at the head of the House Mugler.

 Jacket Number 5

 A remnant of a jacket, Vertigo of visits.

In order to increase the schizophrenic process of the nominations, we appoint Mr Junya Watanabe at the head of the house of Worth for which he will have to activate the style with the DNA of Rick Owens.

On this point!! We banish the utilisation of the word "DNA", but use "Corpse","skeleton","remains",or "memories"




Diane Pernet

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