Fred Perry celebrates 60 years

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,


In August 1952, the then UK tennisplayer Fred Perry launched his sportswear collection, today Fred Perry is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

To mark the occasion they commisioned a series of six documentaries by Grammy award-winning filmmaker Don Letts, charting six decades of subculture in which the Fred Perry shirt has been ever present at the forefront of street style, which was presented yesterday evening in a warehouse club in Antwerp.

The series explores the world of British subcultures and the music, styles and attitudes that surround them, with a great visual and musical overview from Teds to Rockers, Mods to Skinheads, Soul Boys to Punks, and Rave to Britpop. Unfortunately I could not upload the docu here, but you can discover The Don Letts Subculture films – Made in Englad via

The brand has also compiled a list of 60 influential figures in fashion, music and sports whom they sent an original 1952 Fred Perry shirt and asked to personalise the shirt with a birthday message or full-blown customisation. More on that soon.