A visit with Sandra Backlund

Sonny Vandevelde shoots Sandra Backlund in her new collection

Dear SHaded Viewers,

For years I've been trying to get Sandra to wear her own beautiful designs. Today, although she was totally not into it, I got her to model a few looks for Sonny. How great does she look in this green knit dress. Anyway more pics are coming soon from Sonny but I was impatient to show you these.

After New York, Milan and Paris Sonny is missing his waves. If you don't already know, Sonny is a surfer and Saturday he's heading back to Australia. He sat at the computer and google mapped his territory and showed the perfect waves.

Sonny Vandevelde

All Diane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10

Tomorrow, Sonny's pics.

Diane Pernet

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