Celebrating Silvia Bombardini’s 22nd Birthday at YEN with a special cake chez Valentin

Birthday lunch at yen group shot
Sayoko, Vincent Gagliostro, Valentin Jardinier-Almodovar, Silvia Bombardini Stef Spellman

Valentin and Silvia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

We celebrated Silvia's 22nd birthday with a lunch at YEN, famous for their soba noodles. After lunch Valentin invited us all to his home for birthday cake. 

Silvia Valentin red wine cake
The white finches and Silvia seemed a perfect match and , I don't know about you, but when was the last time someone made the effort to bake you a birthday cake? We were all very happy to share in the celebration not to mention, gold stars for the perfect cake.

First piece to Silvia
The first piece of this delicious cake was for the birthday girl.

Stef vincent Sayoko
Stef, Vincent and Sayoko



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