Paolo Errico a/w collection 2012/2013 text and photos Stefania Seoni

Richard Long


Dear Diane dear shaded viewers, A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Paolo Errico for the first time. It is not very easy to sum up his style, yet one of my first thoughts while viewing the collection was  that  land art is an inspiration. You can see its  imprint  in forms like the  geometric sign, the circle shapes like a tangible item. Paolo Errico creates  his collections by exploring the knitwear world, his passion in research is his driving force. In the  winter collection organic materials play an instrumental role, the neoprene gives fit to the pieces, the  bright red and blue colors  bring to mind 70s snow suits, as do the the details  and the patch crochet. The pieces  can be dressed up or down, this element gives  dynamism  and a sense of the contemporary to the entire collection,l ike the american architect Louis  Sullivan has said: