Issue 7 brings to the forefront the creations of Rad Hourani who chose to morph architecture, nature and the body to show his point of view. It is by constructing compositions that are the juxtaposed dualities that create new ways of looking at aesthetic that he makes a commentary. His vision of timelessness is revealed by decomposing Versailles, while reconstructing early 20th Century New York architectural elements as totems, photographing the sensuality of la nouvelle vague in his erotic figures, and giving geometrical intricacy to floral patterns. They almost seem anachronistic, yet all the compositions speak to each other effortlessly because each of the elements he chose to explore epitomize timelessness. He tries to find order in the reconstruction of geometrical elements present in his digital canvases, which he conceptualizes to transcend the virtual space of the computer screen into the physical space of a gallery. It seems his gracious approach to art is the stroke of his brush on time.