Memory_ Mike Figgis in the dressing room at Centre Pompidou before ASVOFF3

Mike figgis dressing room
Mike Figgis

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I love this, Rosey Chan just sent me this image from ASVOFF 3, Mike Figgis going over their programming for ASVOFF 3 in the dressing room at Centre Pompidou while Rosey figures out which pair of shoes she wants to wear.

ASVOFF4 Rosey Chan and Zack give their performance at Centre Pompidou

Earlier in the day Rosey Chan met David Lynch

David lynch and rosey chan
I always wanted to meet him, never did but he was in town and at the rehersals of both Rosey Chan and Rossy de Palma, very very close. He'll have a carte blanche at Silencio starting the 21st…again I won't be around as I'm in Tokyo.



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