I received my pre-order copy of "Blow by blow: The story of Isabella Blow" by Detmar blow and Tom Sykes today. I am, a great admirer of Isabella Blow, after all, who can love fashion and beauty and not Isabella? I normally loathe reading books of an even minor tragic nature, I don't like things to be too serious, but I knew Isabella's life was as frivolous as it was tragic and that this wouldn't be the type that I hated.


I thought I would have a little look at the book before breakfast but in the blink of an eye the chapters were flying through. The book has 75 mini chapters, which does a very good job of creating a flowing effect. Flowing through Blow's life (chronologically of course). Even though the chapters are, as I said "mini-chapters", they do not have a summary feeling to them… The book isn't a collection of mini summaries, there is a great deal of detail; the chapters feel complete. There is also a beautiful photograph on nearly every page, helping illustrate these very personal accounts. Who better to write about Isabella Blow than Detmar Blow? Detmar Blow and Phillip Treacy both.


To me, it seems quiet improper to write a review on a book such as this one, about a loved one whose life has recently come to a tragic end… Especially to such a sincere one. It is after all, quiet personal, which every good biography/autobiography should be. I can already even say that this is one of the best I have read in this category and I read a lot of biographies and autobiographies (especially about people in the fashion/art industry). This is something extraordinary… Just like Issie herself. As colourful as it is dark.


Anybody who is interested in reading it (and everybody should be) should keep in mind not only the great legacy she left behind… but how different fashion today would be if she didn't exist, and how different the fashion of tomorrow would be, for she still continues to inspire and energize people… And this book, I know will do just that.