threeASFOUR SS14

01 Temple Dress

07 Obelisk Dress

13 Babylon Vest

15 Constantinople Dress


20 Revelation Dress-2

21 Bahai Dress

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

The Jewish Museum provided the backdrop for the presentation of threeASFOUR's MER KA BA collection and accompanying multimedia installation.

Tiling patterns from religious architecture adorned not only the laser-cut silk, cotton poplin and ivory resin pieces (which were layered to a particularly fascinating effect), but also the walls and ceiling thanks to video projections throughout the show. The soundtrack comprised of singular chime noises produced a moment of tranquility amidst the frantic fashion week pace, and more importantly, demanded the full focus of its viewers on the intricate constructions that came gliding through the room.

By reviving ancient motifs through modern technology, the collection incarnated what threeASFOUR described as a "timeless desire for cross-cultural unity". In a city often criticized for its adherence to commerciality over creativity, it's comforting to know that Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil still have a few design surprises up their 3D-printed sleeves.


threeASFOUR: MER KA BA is on view through February 2, 2014.

1109 5th Ave

New York, NY