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Michael Scoggins' "I'm Building My Doomsday Machine," his first show in France, opens tomorrow, Saturday February 13th at Galerie Jeanroch Dard (6 – 9 PM).

Libs are Fags and Pussies

"A page out of a notebook, with its blue lines and spiral bound edges, is a familiar image.  This is my primary vehicle in utilizing a connection with the viewer.

The paper is enlarged to give this common object a sense of importance and to create a new perspective.
The text and images placed upon the large page deal with the influences of American culture and how it has shaped my life. 

The paper is torn, crumpled and folded to implicate a tangible history and to suggest the creation of an object, thus expanding the definition of traditional drawing."


Galerie Jeanroch Dard
13 rue des Arquebusiers
Paris 3
Metro Saint Sebastien – Froissart  

Diane Pernet

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