Beniamino Marini reports on Sally Potter’s film RAGE Premieres in London – BFI Southbank


Sally Potter

Dear Shaded Viewers,



On Thursday Sept 24th I was invited to attend the London premiere of Rage, the new movie about a fashion house by Sally Potter distributed exclusively online through Babelgum and iPhones, 95 minutes of short and strong monologues by a rich cast from Jude Law (interpreting a russian transvestite , Minx – attached blond hair "Are you shy because I am a celebrity?" to Lily COle, irish model interpreting herself. To Dianne Wiest (fashion company owner" "back in the old days, we knew by name every employee, now all is made abroad" and Judi Drench (suburb fashion critique "Fashion is pornography, that's why we get addicted to it". A lot of psychology , great acting, unforgettable lines about the fashion system. Better  to watch on your iPhones than in a theatre: each single monologue has a life of its own. And can be enjoyed in episodes better than all in a row. As Sally Potter said: "this is a new frontier for cinema, we can bypass the movie industry cycle going directly to the audience."

The film will be distributed for FREE on both internet and iPhones. The money will come from DVD sales, which has just started.



Diane Pernet

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