Beniamino Marini reports from the exhibition VB65 Vanessa Beecroft @ PAC Milan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Vanessa Beecroft and her VB65 exhibition going on in Milan as we speak.

VB65@PAC Milan
23 black men take their seats

23 black men in dinner jackets take their seats

Vb chicken water

the menu is chicken and water.

Imagine the smell of roasted chicken in the room…the waiters kept bringing out newly cooked ones..many of the men were also smoking cigarettes while eating with their hands. Maybe when you read this it doesn't sound that shocking as when you are living it..imagine 300 Milanese from collectors to journalists and rich old women watching this scene for over an hour??? Later it was opened up to art students and the public. Vanessa cast the 23 black men last week in the city.

The rumour is that they all wear vintage Margiela. Surely the waiter in white does.

Vintage margiela

4 hour dinner

Dinner will last for 4 hours while the press constantly shoots.



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