N.I.C.E. Collective SS10

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 To show this collection N.I.C.E. built a temporary community 160 miles north of the San Francisco city limits. The intent was to organically capture imagery of the season's clothing and product through real experience rather than art direction. Over a six-day period, on 20 acres of land, models, photographers, and guests participated in the experiment by relying on available resources to build shelter, set up sound systems and cook meals.

S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 3 copy S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 11 copy 

S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 15 copy
S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 18 copy 

 S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 21 copy S10 MENS Look Book LOOK 22 copy
 N.I.C.E. documented the experiment through photo essays and film. 



Diane Pernet

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