…a moment in….spiritually founded by Anne Chapelle with 9 gifted individuals that will remain unknown

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Laurent Suchel explains the project…a moment in…

Anne Chapelle (owner and CEO of Ann Demeulemeester & Haider Ackermann) has launched a new concept called ..a moment in… Each ‘moment’ will offer a capsule collection. The first moment is ‘…a moment in time… and is a capsule knitwear collection.

Future capsules will include: ..a moment in desire…lingerie, …a moment in touch…jersey, ..a moment in pride…shoes, a moment in joy..accessories and a moment in care…care products.
No egos, no designer names just products. The price points are similar to the designer labels. The knits are all hand made.




Diane Pernet

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