A Ghost Story by Kei Kagami

Dear Shaded Viewers,


As you can see in my previous post, I was asking the designer Kei Kagami about this season’s shoe aesthetic. Last season it was ‘neo gothic’ inspired by a ghost rider. This kicked off the real story behind last season. I remember years ago when I was a designer a jounralist asked me where I liked to go in Tokyo when I was not working. My hotel was in Aoyama and I loved to visit the cemetary. The journalist found my answer a bit disturbing, I on the other hand loved the serenity of my graveyard visits.

Here i s Kei’s ghost story.


“let me tell you the story of ‘ a ghost rider that took me to a cemetery in North London ‘.
this ghost story is not scary at all but what happened was true .


one day i went to a biker’s cafe called ‘ Ace Cafe’ in north London .
on the way home i found a beautiful vintage bike , maybe it was one called ‘ Vincent black shadow ‘( sounds already spooky ) , so i decided to chase it. it was a fast bike , i could not really catch up with it but i kept chasing it as long as i could see it .


but when i turned at the last corner , i could not see it anymore , it just disappeared .
i stopped my bike and what i could see was only the entrance of Highgate cemetery .
so i visited this cemetery in the weekend .
there was not the Vincent black shadow there but a beautiful world in shade of Highgate.


True story as told to me by Kei Kagami.



Diane Pernet

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